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was born from a history, that of STAFF, of great works to offer the client all the possibilities to open a window to the dream

Cledor is a real estate agency operating in the luxury property sector. The base is, needless to say, in Forte dei Marmi but the company project is developing throughout Italy, starting from the VIP locations. Behind Cledor operates STAFF, a construction company from Brescia that for almost 20 years has distinguished itself for quality, safety and innovation. Cledor is therefore an agency, but also a real portal that can help you in all your research, construction and renovation needs. We work with the best architects in Italy and with a number of high-level professionals, from notary firms to legal and tax firms. To complete the workforce, there is a series of collaborations ranging from interior design, to surveyors, photographers and professionals in the real estate and communication fields. We research, evaluate, select according to the strictest meters of beauty, comfort, quality and safety canons infused at each of our levels of operation by the charismatic figure of Tullio Salvoni. Cledor is the golden key that opens the casket of your desires, contact us and we will meet you in our office to fulfill any small, but very important, detail… dream.

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